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Cary Catalano

Development Director

Born and raised in Fresno County, Cary Catalano’s passion is providing families with the tools they need to be successful. And, it is this passion that has made up the fabric of all of his community involvement and daily work. Cary has served as Habitat’s Director of Development since 2004 and has used his talents in communications, public and government affairs to increase the visibility of Habitat’s mission of seeking to put God’s love into action, and to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Through his work, Cary has been called upon by several mayors to lead major city-wide initiatives designed to revitalize neighborhoods and redirect needed resources back to those initiatives, including his service as the co-founder of Fresno First Steps Home, which is a local 501 (c)3 designed to raise private sector funds to address Fresno’s chronic homelessness and give individuals and families hit by hard times the help they need to get a new start. Cary’s passion, coupled with his experience and leadership, have given Habitat a prominent place at local decision-making tables and many unique opportunities to serve families and meet greater needs.


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