Danielle Rowland

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Born and raised in Fresno, Danielle Rowland has an immense passion to help individuals and families in all capacities. With a calling to help our community find independence and fulfilling lives, she received her degree in psychology and is en route to completing her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Danielle stresses the importance of mental health and wants to ensure local individuals and families focus on their well-being. Throughout her life, she has committed her free time (when not working or attending school) to a breadth of volunteer experience which began at the age of 12. This volunteer experience inspired her to join our team as the Volunteer Engagement Manager to address the tremendous difficulties Fresno and Madera families face when it comes to finances and homelessness.

After Danielle heard of Fresno’s Mason-Dixon Line, it created a fire in her belly that compels her to serve and support marginalized people and help erase the systemic housing equity issues that continue to plague our counties. Danielle believes she is called to use her time in this world wisely by becoming a person who constantly helps others live their best lives. “We only rise by lifting others” is a quote she abides by and strives to achieve each day. Her favorite pastimes are eating sour candy and buying new books before she finishes her current ones.

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