Darla Trujillo

Accounting Clerk

Darla Trujillo joins the Habitat for Humanity community as a part-time Accounting Clerk. She has 44 years of accounting experience after working as a file clerk, office manager, and so much more! Her favorite position is the quiet of her behind-the-scenes accounting at Habitat Greater Fresno Area. Being part of an organization that gives a family a better life is what makes working with us so special.

Darla enjoys working part-time since her husband of 40+ years is retired. This gives them more freedom to enjoy a slower pace at this stage of life. Darla loves spending time with her two married children and their families.

​Darla appreciates the love that is shared when working at Habitat for Humanity. “You can feel the love the employees have for each other. Everyone takes their job seriously and the main goal is to get a family into a much-needed home.”


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