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Mandy Ramirez

Staff Accountant

Mandy was born in Spokane, Washington and sailed from the port of Seattle to the port of San Francisco. At 13, she moved to the Central Valley. She later graduated from Fresno City College with an associate’s degree in general studies. Mandy attended SJVC and graduated with another associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography with a plan to enter the medical field. After it became increasingly difficult to get started on her career, Mandy returned to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She has worked successfully as an accountant for five years!

Mandy has been married to her loving husband, Joshua, for ten years and they have two children together! In 2015, Mandy and her husband became homeowners, but they found the process incredibly difficult and stressful despite their hopes of it being an exciting adventure. Now, Mandy enjoys working for an organization that helps others reach the reality of becoming a homeowner in this difficult market.

When she isn’t making sure Habitat Greater Fresno Area’s bills are paid on time, Mandy enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing with her children.

559.237.4102 ex: 123

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