Stephone Traylor

Restore Donation Ambassador

David Stephone Traylor is a young man with strong family values and a man of faith. Born in San Diego, his family made their way to Fresno when he was 13 years old.

Stephone has a passion for computers and customer service. One summer, he stumbled across the ReStore via word of mouth and decided to volunteer some of his time. During this period, he was encouraged to apply for an available position. It did not take long for Mr. Traylor to realize that Habitat for Humanity was a perfect fit for him. He loves the service to the people, the strong family values, and the ties to faith. This lead him from ReStore Warehouse Assistant to ReStore Lead Driver to his current position as donation ambassador for Habitat for Humanity.

Stephone shares why he enjoys working at Habitat by saying: “Working with these people and for these families is good for my soul.”