Bob Abrams

General Counsel

Bob is an attorney and serves as Habitat's General Counsel. He has almost 40 years of real estate and business experience as well as many years in commercial banking. Bob is a licensed attorney, real estate broker and general contractor. He also has a lifetime teaching credential the subjects of Real Estate, Marketing and Industrial Technology. Bob’s law practice areas include real estate, business and civil litigation.

Bob believes in giving back to the community. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Fresno Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity – Fresno and Campus Bible Church. He is past president of the Fresno Association of Realtors as well as a former director of the California Association of Realtors and he is past president of the Community Housing Counsel of Fresno. He is also a member and former board member of Fig Garden Rotary and a former committee member of Fresno Young Life.

Bob enjoys his time with Habitat for Humanity Fresno because it allows him to not only use a lot of the professional skills he has developed over the years but he gets to reach out and help other, less fortunate by offering a hand up in the name of Christ.