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clovis- stanford addition


Habitat wasted little time in getting to work on a home. The following day, the Johnsons, along with employees from Ruiz Foods and members of St. Rest Baptist Church, strapped on equipment bags and hammers. Five hours later all interior and exterior walls of their new three bedroom, three bathroom home in Clovis was framed.

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Fresh off our completion of a 10 home sub-division in nearby Rialto Ranch, Habitat is continuing its partnership with the City of Clovis completing three single family homes in the Clovis Stanford Addition. This infill development will help complete existing neighborhoods while providing new homeowners strength and stability world class amenities in Clovis. The homes are scheduled to be complete by Winter 2018.

A Story to Remember - 

On July 6, Stephen and Chelsea Johnson received the surprise of their lives by St. Rest Baptist Church (the home church of the family). More than 50 people came together at the church for what the family thought was a private meeting on church and family affairs with a few members of church leadership; but it was so much more than that.


As the family opened the doors to the chapel, they were greeted by a crowd of people congratulating them on being selected as one of their newest partner families to receive a Habitat home. Tears were abundant as the family celebrated the moment knowing that their lives would be forever changed in such a positive way. Chelsea Johnson said it best herself, “It’s going to mean a future, a bright one. It’s going to mean everything for our kids and our future kids. It means more than anything for me right now.” See below to read more...

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