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This program is no longer active. We apologize if you have reached this page through an old direct link or bookmark. Please contact Community Food Bank or Bulldog Pantry for potential assistance.

Through Habitat’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Response program, and with help from volunteers and donors like you, we are able to provide shelter assistance, education, training, and partnerships to affected individuals who find themselves in unthinkable situations.


When a disaster strikes, the loss of a home or household essentials can leave you at your most vulnerable. Habitat works to rebuild communities in these circumstances by moving those affected from ruin to recovery. 

​The most basic needs become both scarce and dire in the event of an emergency. People lose access to health services, water, shelter, sanitation, safety, and education. We believe that safe, reliable shelter provides the foundation from which all of these things can begin to reemerge during the relief and rebuilding process.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization team is currently focused on responding to the most vulnerable who are sheltering in place by providing free:

1. Essential household cleaning supplies

2. Emergency food supplies

3. A complimentary exterior home inspection for potential future Habitat support

For more information, click the button below.

disaster response program

COVID 19 informational flyer
COVID-19 Update Video
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