I’m Batman

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that, for a guy nearing 60, I spend an inordinate amount of time arguing with my wife about Batman and Superman. She is an unabashed Superman enthusiast- always was, always will be. When Christopher Reeves assumed the role, she was very excited- and the word “inordinately” comes up again. She loved "Lois and Clark" and "Smallville." She liked "Superman Returns" and "Man of Steel."

But then she heard that in "Batman v. Superman," Batman defeats Superman, and she said that was simply ridiculous. She got MAD, and refused to even entertain the notion of going to see it with me. When I got home she wouldn’t talk about it. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s a lot of passion to invest in a fictional character, especially since any idiot knows that Batman would win that fight. Batman is a paranoid millionaire genius: he would do the research, find out about Kryptonite, and purchase some in case bad came to worse. It’s obvious. And no matter how much you like Kal-El, he never no one ever described him as a deep thinker.

So, yeah, Team Batman here.

(And there were absolutely no spoilers in the paragraphs above… or were there?????)

There’s a lot to like about both of these characters. For instance, Batman thinks everything through and plans ahead. Batman never quits and he’s unpredictable- his enemies never know what to expect. Having said that, we all know he’s NUTS. He dresses in a bat suit, for crying out loud, and he goes out in public like that. He’s suspicious of everyone. (That’s why he would stockpile Kryptonite.) Plus, he’s a vigilante, and answers to no one.

Superman is sincere and upright. He maintains complete self-control at all times. If someone is in danger, he never hesitates to risk everything to rescue them. But he is a little too confident in his own invincibility. It always surprises him to find out he can be hurt. And he expects everybody to trust him, in spite of the fact that he’s potentially the scariest person around.

Habitat for Humanity Fresno County needs all these good qualities.

  • We try to think everything through. That’s why we budget exhaustively.

  • We plan ahead. A good example: this year we will build nine homes working only on Saturday mornings, using volunteers. That takes some careful planning.

  • We don't quit. We’ve been doing this for 30 years in Fresno, and God just keeps opening doors. How could we quit?

  • We innovate constantly. There is always room to improve.

  • We want people to get what they expect from us: homes for families and hope for neighborhoods.

  • We build relationships of trust. That’s the Christian plan: reconciliation, peace on earth, good will toward men.

  • We are accountable. We are transparent in our policies and procedures, and especially in our finances.

  • We are sincere in our belief that this is what God has called us to do.

  • We hold ourselves to a strong code of Biblical morality.

  • We control ourselves; we don’t do things that don’t fit what God called us to do.

  • We do all we can to help people within the parameters our calling.

  • We know we live in a fallen world and that we are all saved only by God’s grace alone.

  • We strive to earn your trust.

  • We depend on God’s strength, not our own.

Lots to learn from both these characters. But all that Habitat for Humanity Fresno County is and does as a called people must come from Christ and Christ alone.

That’s the character we crave at Habitat. That’s the character Fresno County needs to see from us.

Of course, when I’m at home, I’m Batman.

(And YES… I have Kryptonite.)

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