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take action

Take a few minutes of your time to advocate for affordable housing. Let lawmakers know you stand with families who partner with Habitat to build a better future!

Join our SW and SE Fresno support efforts

Support areas in our community that have been left behind. To find out more about how to get involved, contact Habitat's SE and SW specific planning member Marina Harutyunyan at

Help us protect programs that support Habitat

All the key federal programs that support our nationwide work are in danger of being eliminated by the proposed fiscal year 2020 budget. Take action to urge Congress to support funding for these essential programs!

Act now: Support housing during COVID-19

Use your voice today to tell Congress you support affordable housing during the worldwide pandemic.

Show your support for HOME

Help us continue to reach communities that need our help the most by showing your support for HOME Investment Partnerships program funds.

Help us protect SHOP

Show your support for the Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program, so we can continue to use the self-help model to provide low-income homeownership opportunities for families in need of affordable housing.

Solid Ground

Learn more about how we are helping families gain access to the land they need to build a better future.

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