When you advocate on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, you will join people in our community and all over the world who are advocating for additional access to safe and affordable housing.

Rules and regulations about land and building have a major impact on access to housing. In locations where smart policies exist, there is wider access to decent housing. In cities with uniform policies and systems, there can be obstacles that make it difficult to find land for construction, build a home, or afford a place to live.

Habitat for Humanity serves as a voice for people in need of decent housing by working to change laws and shape policies that affect access to housing.

Our advocacy approach is based on decades of on-the-ground experience and policy expertise. In our deep understanding of housing and its role in providing opportunities for families, we seek to reform laws in a non-confrontational, nonpartisan way. Just like building, advocating for smart policies and systems is a way to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Find out more by clicking below!


Learn more about what advocacy is, why advocacy is important, and the ways Habitat for Humanity is advocating for safe, affordable housing.


You can take action for housing advocacy. Sign our petitions letting lawmakers know you stand with families partnering with Habitat to build a better future.


Read about what’s happening across the state of California to get a better look at our collective advocacy efforts.


Join Habitat staff, board, homeowners, volunteers, and youth from across the country for Habitat for Humanity’s annual legislative conference in Sacramento and D.C.