affordable homeownership

Are you interested in becoming a Habitat homeowner? The first step is to fill out our interest form below. Submitting an interest form is not an application and does not guarantee you will be moved forward in the processYou will only be contacted for additional information once homes are available if you have met specific requirements based on current projects.

Our new interest form was launched in January of 2024 and can be accessed at the bottom of this page!




Man placing a wooden board on a wooden sign

we partner with future Habitat homeowners who meet three main requirements

Demonstrate the need for safe housing

Have the ability to pay an affordable mortgage

Willing to partner in the construction of the home


these homes are not free

sweat equity

future homeowners work 500 hours to build their home

credit score

your credit score must meet a minimum number


A family’s income is based on their TOTAL household income. This includes all job earnings, public assistance, social security, disability, child support, and/or alimony payments. Government rent subsidies (Section 8) are not considered income. Requirements are based on HUD guidelines.

A chart of HUD's requirements for 2024

You must be a resident of the county where we are building for at least ONE YEAR prior

You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

You must be able to complete at least 500 hours of “sweat equity”

You must have a FICO score greater than 640

You must demonstrate a need for safe, decent housing AND be willing to pay an affordable mortgage

Are you interested in homeownership? The first step is to complete the interest form. Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. If you have any questions, please email us at

The form can also be accessed in Spanish. 

Once you submit this interest form you will be placed immediately into our system and receive updates on projects and classes once they become available. Please note that we cannot reach you if your contact information changes. If your contact information changes after your form submission, please resubmit.

Are you an existing Habitat homeowner and do you need to submit a warranty concern? You can access the form below to submit your concern. Please be prepared to enter the password provided to you in your warranty binder.