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Investing your time in the lives of others can be done by volunteering with Habitat in Fresno or Madera. It's a truly rewarding experience! We have several opportunities for anyone, whether it's a group of friends, family, co-workers, or just you. We welcome volunteers of all levels and interests. There are a variety of positions to fill so you can find the one that fits you!

  • ReStore - Help with our retail operation 

  • Revitalization - Cleaning up our community starts with you

  • Construction - You don't need any experience to help us build homes

  • Outreach/Ambassadors - Talk to and meet people while spreading the word about Habitat

  • Other - We have opportunities in the back office or on committees!

Click the "Sign Me Up!" button to choose the perfect opportunity for you or your group. Once you receive your account approval through e-mail, visit the dropdown menu to jump to your area of interest. Click here for a copy of our Volunteer Handbook.

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